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3D Modeling Examples




Best Overall Hololens Hack

Interactive education game application that let you play puzzle and scavenger hunt, while learning about anatomy

Unity3D, Hololens and Kinect


Stress Relief Room 


Rough play in rage rooms is the latest in stress therapy

Inspired by the rage room as a stress therapy, in this VR room, you can always relieve your stress in a safe environment. Break everything and relieve your stress! 

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AR Shape Recognition Tool for Autistic Children

Work in Progress

ARound is an augmented reality (AR) game that helps autistic learners recognize concepts learned (shapes) in their surroundings. Technology engages and It is designed to engage autistic learners, promote continuous learning at home and help autistic children apply abstract concepts learned in real life.

2018 ISTE 1-in-3 Session Presenter. “Augmented Reality for Early-Childhood and Special Education”, 2018

Games for Change Festival Selected Mini-Talk Speaker,“Augmented Reality and Autism”, June 2018

Graphic Design

more design works at Institute of Play